The Catholic Church's Views

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What is The Roman Catholic Church?

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian subgroup in the world. Nearly one-half of Christians are Roman Catholic. The Church is based around the teachings of Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles as presented in the New Testament. This is one of the largest religions in the world. They were also one of the first religions to set out a guide line as to what their beliefs on what is moral and ethical regarding stem cell research. ( Aguilar, Mario (2007). “The History and Politics of Latin American Theology”, Volume 1)

Adult Stem Cell Research

-The church does not directly oppose the research of Adult stem cells. But it is hesitant to support it because of fear that it may lead to more Embryonic stem cell research.

-The church doesn’t oppose it because adult stem cell research doesn’t “sacrifice a human life”.

-In May 2006 New Jersey catholic hospital began supporting adult stem cell research in their hospitals. Many feel this was an attempt to pull attention away from embryonic stem cell research.
Barrett's, David B. (2007).World Christian Encyclopedia)

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

- The Catholic Church is concerned with the protection of human life. Scientific research is critical, but it can never come at the expense of another human life. 

-The preparation of embryonic stem cells requires the destruction of an embryo which the church views as a highly immoral act. 

-Some scientist have used cloning to create embryos, but the church views these embryos to also be living, therefore the destruction of them is also highly immoral. 

-The church also opposes the use of embryonic stem cell lines because those too began with human life destruction. (O'Brien, Nancy Frazier (2008). “Embryonic stem-cell research immoral, unnecessary, bishops say”)

Cord Blood Stem Cells

-The church supports Cord Blood Stem Cell Research, they feel it is a safe alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells. They also support it because it is advancing knowledge and saving lives, but still remaining morally sound.

-The church supports the banking of these stem cells also but doesn’t have an official preference on weather public banking or private banking should be used.

-One catholic woman interviewed stated that she supported public banking because it’s available to everyone, and it’s helpful to more people.  She also questions the methods used by private banks.

Barrett's, David B. (2007).World Christian Encyclopedia