Cord Stem Cells

Where Do They Come From?

Before birth babies produce blood cells that pass through the baby’s body, umbilical cord and placenta. These blood cells transport oxygen and vital nutrients from the mother to the baby. When this baby is born the doctors cut the umbilical cord from the child and placenta. Then the umbilical cord and placenta are usually discarded.  We now know that these after birth materials contain stem cells. These stem cells can be stored and later used to help replenish blood cells to people with certain diseases.

Their Uses

  Can Possibly Treat;              


                -Aplastic anemia


and many other blood diseases.

Private Banks vs. Public

Public Bank Benefits

-Accessible to those in need

-Can be used for research purposes

-Its free

-Less paper work

-Know cells are stored properly

-You become eligible to get cells if ever in need

-If you receive cells from a public bank you will receive enough


Public Bank Disadvantages

-Aren’t guaranteed to get your cells

-You may not receive cells

Private Bank Benefits

-Can guarantee you get your own cells

-May lower insurance rates

Private Bank Disadvantages

-Many cells go unused

-Storage techniques may be questionable

-Very expensive

-Aren’t guaranteed enough cells