Embryonic Stem Cells

Embryonic Stem Cells are stem cells derived from an embryo. Embryonic Stem Cells are definitely the main cause of controversy because it requires the destruction of a human embryo.  There are two main processes that can create embryonic stem cells, the nuclear transfer cloning process and embryonic cloning process.

The Nuclear Transfer Cloning Process

1.      Remove DNA from donor egg cell

2.      Insert the nucleus of body cell from a different organism of the same species. Now the cell is diploid

3.      Put the new cell into a lab dish.

4.      Once a cell is put into lab dish, electric shock or chemicals is used to start the growing/dividing process.

5.      Now stem cells are growing and will be ready for use within days.

Embryonic Cloning Process

-Embryo is created in a lab dish

-Embryo is then split into 4-8 pieces before cellular differentiation occurs

-Stem Cells are grown from these pieces and then are harvested for use